Deliver visually engaging sales and marketing content for effective communication.

With years of experience delivering global digital signage services across multiple industry leading platforms, we have delved into customizing & adopting an advanced digital signage solution. At the heart of our digital signage solution is a robust & easy to use web based platform independent solution for rich content delivery. It is a feature rich, fully scheduled, layout driven, enterprise grade digital signage solution.

Key Features

  • Deploy on the web
  • Intuitive interface
  • Tons of Media support
  • Works with standard hardware
  • Platform Independent
  • RSS Support

Digital Signage

Zool Digital Signage is a client-server application

Zool digital signage


The server is a web application which can run on Windows/Mac or Linux. It has a central administration interface for all network displays(if its a network of 1, or 1000). The server is primarily used to upload and manage content, design communication layouts and schedule content to the display.


A client is essentially a digital display unit such as an LCD TV, where the content is displayed. Each client can be configured to have its own content, layout and schedule. The solution will run on a PC behind the display unit, communicate with the server and display the requisite content. It will also report back statistical data on exactly what was displayed and for what duration. The client server setup can be on the same physical hardware (usual for a single display installation) or span multiple different machines across the network – while the server is hosted online or on the local LAN.


The client is available for Windows, Ubuntu/ Linux and for Android (third party). The windows client is highly flexible and is therefore the best choice for a stable installation.
Feature Windows Client Ubuntu/Linux Client Android Client
Schedule Layouts Yes Yes Yes
Priority Schedules Yes Yes Yes
Video Yes Yes Yes
Flash Yes Some Support No
Images Yes Yes Yes
PowerPoint Yes No No
Text Yes Yes Yes
RSS Yes Yes Yes
Web Page Yes Yes Yes
Embedded HTML Yes Yes Yes
Microblog No Yes No
DataSets Yes Yes Yes
Background Image Yes (jpg only) Yes Yes
Media Stats Yes Yes Yes
Layout Stats Yes No Yes
Report Inventory Yes Yes Yes
File Resume Yes Yes Yes
Counter Media No Yes No
Socket Listener No Yes No
Lift/Serial Interface Support No Yes (16 inputs / 4 per serial port) No
Client Runtime Information Screen Yes Yes Yes
Offline Update via USB Drive No Yes No
Full Compositing (overlapping regions) No Yes Yes
Webpage Transparency No Yes Yes
Video Transparency No Yes Yes
Image Transparency No Yes Yes